International Activities:

The Afriterra Cartographic Library is a Participating Organization in:

Afriterra Library Activities

Preservation Project

  • Archival Stewardship of 5000 original rare specimens.
  • Deacidification and cleaning.
  • Repair of tears and folds.
  • Mylar individual protective sheath placement.
  • Environmental and security controls in a toxin-free orderly storage.

Digital Conversion Project:

  • Ultra-high-resolution digital scanning.
    (80 megapixel, 300-600 dpi)
  • Geo-referencing and Geographic Information Systems, GIS applications.
  • Permanent off-site storage of digital archives.
  • On-line (Internet) access with full-resolution viewing capability.

Database Project:

  • Cataloguing individual maps and books in a relational database
  • Entry search fields for author, date, region, scale, language
  • Integration with universal library catalog systems, OCLC, WorldCat.

On-site Methods of Use for Education and Researh:

  • Gallery exhibit viewing.
  • Class field-trip viewing.
  • Visiting Fellowships
  • Personal research time with tilt-table, magnifier, and zoom camera.

Extended Methods of Use for Education and Research:

  • Traveling exhibits and posters.
  • Visiting slide lectures.
  • Online Digital Catalog with zoom and GIS links.
  • Sharing of Digital archives.
  • On-line Database and Catalogue.
  • Downloadable Pod-Casts.
  • Classroom Instructor Demonstrations.
  • Network of academic institutions
  • OCR, Optical Character Recognition, complex font searches

Acquisition Initiatives:

  • Ascendancy position for donations focused on early Africa.
  • Auction monitoring.
  • On-line mining of topical search engines.
  • Network of over 100 antiquarian dealer searches and catalogs.


Forwarding Initiative:

Giving of material to enrich other institutions.


Research Projects: