• What we call “the world”…is not given as self-evident from the outset. It is apprehended… in an ongoing “crisis” of spacial consciousness.

    – Ernst Cassirer
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  • Can Afriterra holdings contribute to the visualization of Ebola virus?

    04 Apr,2016 in In The News by afriterra (updated 6 years ago)

    I heard the news of a woman that died on 31 March 2016 by the virus Ebola in Liberia. This news, sent out on April 1, 2016, brings a renewed concern about outbreaks in the countries of West Africa. Liberia was declared “free” of the terrible Ebola virus since January 2016 by the World Health Organization (WHO). I’m very sorry for that woman’s death, what that means for her loved ones, the country and the world. Africa seems still crasping with another epidemic that is difficult to extirpate in spite of the aggressive stand taken by many organizations such as the Medical Teams International in April 2014 and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in November 2014. We are so interconnected in this world nowadays, that it is almost impossible to say that what is happening in Liberia o Guinea does not affect us in other parts of the world. It is what I call “integration through SPACE” (others call it globalization).
    What about “integration through TIME”?
    Is there anything that we can learn from the past and it is beneficial to our society nowadays? Maybe we should look at what past maps and books from our ancestors may communicate to us. Maybe there are some lessons and information useful at the present time. Afriterra holdings can contribute to the knowledge of how communicable diseases are discovered, how they spread, who they target, how can be stopped, how the environment looks alike. There are more questions, but why not have all information possible and visualize them, so to help the authorities to make an educated and informed decision? Here is a map of Liberia of Afriterra Foundation for you to ponder and reflect upon.

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