Holdings in the Afriterra Collection

The Afriterra collection of antique books is not yet included in the online Catalog. Our Digitial Initiative includes plans to integrate the books collection into the Catalog database, but that phase of the project is not yet funded. We have begun the process of applying for federal and private grants to complete Afriterra's Digital Initiative projects, but if you have any information about potential sources of research funding please contact us.

The following is a small sampling of the original books in the Afriterra collection:
Author Date Title
Strabo 1480 Geographia
Herodotus 1502 Historia
Alvares 1520 Ethiopia
Ptolemy 1535 Geographica
Leo Africanus 1556 Historiale de Afrique
Alpini 1591 De Plantis Aegypti
Pigafetta 1591 Descriptio di Congo
Debry 1598 Descriptio di Congo
Jobson 1623 Discovery Gambia
Ogilby 1670 Africa
Ludolphus 1682 Historie of Ethiopia
Bosman 1705 Description of Guinea
Lobo 1728 Abyssinia
Kolbe 1727 Cape of Good Hope
Barbot 1732 Description Guinea
Snelgrave 1734 Guinea
Astley 1745 History Voyages
Norden 1754 Travels Egypt
Sparrman 1779 S. Africa
Benezet 1771 Hist. Account Guinea
Levaillant 1790 Interieur d'Afrique
Bruce 1790 Source of the Nile
Renell 1793 Geography Africa
Park 1799 Interior of Africa
Barrow 1801 Interior of S. Africa
Tuckey 1818 River Zaire
Bowditch 1819 Ashante
Mollien 1820 Senegal..Gambia
Denham-Clapp. 1826 Central Africa
Caille 1830 Travel to Timbuctoo
Lander 1832 Course of Niger
Santarem 1842 Research..Occ..Africa
Barth 1857 Riesen..Africa
Speke 1863 Source of Nile
Burton 1865 Gelele of Dahomey
Baker 1866 Nile Basin
Livingstone 1866 Exped. of Zambezi
Kinglsey 1897 West Africa
Budge 1898 Book of the Dead

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