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The Afriterra Foundation mission centers on a long-term educational commitment to:

  • Provide access to cartographic material
  • Create a visual connection to heritage
  • Transport through time and space
  • Internalize a distant place
  • Touch and feel a foundation
  • Draw a line of continuity
  • Know the geography of the land
  • Give homage to the ancestors of the Diaspora.


The AFRITERRA Foundation is a non-profit Cartographic Library and Archive assembling and preserving the original rare maps of Africa in a definitive place for education and interpretation. We view cartography as a medium that uniquely links art, technology, and history.


  • Our online searchable database of the maps in the Afriterra collection is now available.
    Along with raw data about the maps, a new set of high-resolution scans is available. The digitization of more than 2000 maps has been completed, with further digitization ongoing.
    You can access the Catalog here. It represents the first phase of the Afriterra Digital Initiative, a broad vision that seeks to use technology to provide universal open access to the material in our collection as well as a collaborative environment in which to share knowledge.

  • Afriterra, being a privately funded non-profit institution, is always interested in learning about potential partnering and funding opportunities. If you have any information or contacts that could lead to partnerships, grants, or other sources of funding for our work, please contact us.
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